Who We Are: Meet the Team Behind The Good Horse



If you are not familiar with the Good Horse, that is us! Dolly and Layla.


We are two young riders who want to stand out as beacons of inspiration:

Dolly loves showjumping, is a Pony Clubber, and loves all things bougie in a coffee cup and the gal you want to go thrifting with.

Layla is an avid dressage rider, plays rugby and snowboards, can always be found with a book in her possession and has a playlist for everything.


We are two barn besties from different disciplines who share a passion, perseverance, and love for horses.


We are carving a unique path for ourselves, but we share an entrepreneurial spirit, and youth ambassadorship. Our message to others is our biggest competition is our last ride and supporting other equestrians is a forever trend. Whether soaring over jumps or perfecting dressage movements, our goal is to inspire a generation of riders.

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